Adiuta Business Assistant

Adiuta Business Assistant is a tool for Business Finance Management, Manufacturing management, Computer Aided Maintenance and Payroll . It combines an Accounting package with Point of Sale, Manufacturing, Maintenance and Payroll modules. It helps businesses of all types to manage their expenses, revenue, and bank accounts, maintenance costs and assets statuses, cost of manufacturing for those in manufacturing field and Employee management, thereby enabling business owners get the big picture of how the business is doing at any moment of time.

As Accounting package it helps you issue invoices, expense bill and track respective account receivable and payable. It also helps you manage your assets, the depreciation as well as bank reconciliation. Standard accounting reports like General Ledger, Trial Balance, Statement of Profit and Loss (Income Statement) and Statement of Financial Position (Balance Sheet) are available.

With the Point of Sale module, you can manage Stock based businesses like shop, supermarkets or pharmacies. It provides with tools like ability to make Purchase Orders, receive the order and replenish the Stock. It offers rich reporting like all sales, best cashier if you have multiple cashier points, best selling products, Stock value, Stock balance by store and much more.

The Manufacturing module helps Manufacturing Businesses like Industries manage their processes from ordering law materials, Manufacturing, Storage up to Selling. Providing variety of reports which gives very useful insights to business owners.

For the assets management including tracking maintenance history as well as associated costs, Adiuta provides Computer-Aided Maintenance Module which provides that as well as Preventive Maintenance and much more insights into maintenance.

Adiuta Business Assistant is available as Web application with essential functionalities available on Android and iOS and is Cloud based application.

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