The Company at Glance

Hosanna Higher Technologies is a highly Innovative Software Company providing IT Services specializing in Software Solutions Provision, Software Development Trainers, as well as Professional Consultants on areas of Software Development, and Systems Integrations. Combining our proven expertise in Technology, and an understanding of emerging Business Trends, We delivers leading edge solutions to businesses, organizations and governments in order to allow efficient and effective utilization of Technology to better business experience as well as maximize profit.

Our key market advantage is the ability to leverage a wealth of experience in this sector, a network of local and international partners, and a very competitive pricing strategy to deliver quality service and solutions; helping businesses to anticipate and quickly respond to the changing business conditions

Hosanna Higher Technologies Solutions is privately owned and is located in Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania in the Eastern part of Africa. Recognized both on local and regional markets since 2013, Hosanna Higher Technologies continues to offer its clients a cutting edge Innovative Solutions served with utmost Integrity.

To be the most reliable, most trusted and go-to company in IT Trainers, Consultants, and the best Digital Solutions provider.

Hosanna Higher Technologies’ mission is to enhance the business operation of its clients by providing them with premium IT products and services, and offering cutting edge IT training to both technocrats as well as executives and leveraging our experience to solve their most pressing issues via professional consultancy.

Our mission includes:
– Providing high quality software solutions, professional consulting and development outsourcing that would improve our customers’ operations.

– Providing integration of services to existing Software and/or IT Infrastructure including providing Bulk SMS, WhatsApp integration and inter-system integration to customer’s existing systems.

– Provide quality IT training for customers’ software developers, system administrators, as well as helping executives understand, embrace and be conversant in IT policies that make good use of technology for betterment of their businesses.