Why You should learn developing mobile apps

Mobile application development is important in the modern world. People use mobile applications to perform daily tasks as part of their personal and professional lives. The Tanzanian Communication Regulatory Authority (TCRA) reported 29 millions of Internet users. That is a lot more compared to 5 years back(12.27m in 2014, and 23m in 2017), which shows that Internet is quickly becoming integral part of people’s lives.

These people need their current legacy solution be transformed into a digital mobile solution. The solution should be digital and mobile, so that they can solve whatever their problem is with tools installed in their mobile phone, wherever they are.

This mean it is important for developers to be able to create these applications in the first place. For existing digital solution, app developers must be able to maintain them and maintain smooth operation for the customers.

Without app developers, companies and individuals would struggle to perform their very important tasks. Apps can be a great way for customers to interact with brands and businesses that they like, as well as Brands to communicate back to their users.

With demands for mobile application developers raising, it is an opportunity for youngsters that is up for a grab. But the question remains for many, how hard is it for me to learn and become a mobile developer? That is what we are going to discuss next.


Learning app development for both iOS and Android devices has increasingly become easier since the introduction of the new programming languages, that is, Swift and Kotlin, compared to the old Objective C and Java. These older programming language are still used by existing applications, but new apps are being developed using new ones. If you learn Swift and Kotlin, you can develop apps for both Android and iOS devices.

So, in order to become a professional mobile developer, you must learn Swift, if you want to become an iOS developer, or Kotlin before jumping into Android development. You must invest time and resources to master these languages or else your journey will be full of thorns. As with everything else, it takes hard work and dedication to learn app development. But with structure and support, you can do it!

After learning the respective language, you then will have to learn the platforms themselves. Both Android and iOS have extensive guides to developing on their platform, including setting up the development environments, as well as doing the actual development and API documentation. Check out Android beginners’ guide or iOS Beginners’ guide to get started

There are also wealth of information is variety forums and Q&A sites like stackoverflow. So learn how to use such tools whenever you hit a wall. YouTube is another invaluable resource that have almost every topic covered.

For those who like to learn with an Instructor in class setup, we periodically run such training variety of technologies. From end of October this year, we will be running courses in Android and iOS development. You are going to love our teaching style which is solid and fun. They are corporate training with option for individuals to join. Contact us for further details.


1. Earn money

Mobile developers earn a comfortable income which can support your life this is due to the current high demand for mobile developers and relatively low supply especially in the rising tech industry of Tanzania.

2. Smartphone offers increasing opportunities

More than half of the world population uses a smartphone. Market penetration is increasing at an unprecedented rate, which calls for more digital solutions, and that means more apps. Learning mobile development will open for you a lot of opportunities.

3. Solidify your employment opportunity

Companies are starting to realize how important it is to have their own app. Even companies who didn’t have mobile applications before are investing into getting them developed, as they realize how necessary it’s become to target their customers that way and how useful it is for their business. Especially since the onset of the pandemic, many people are ditching their laptops to opt for a more convenient and portable option when they engage with technology, which mobile apps provide.

As a result, it have driven the demand for Software development companies, and so driving higher the demand for mobile developers that they need to build, maintain and support their customers apps. Learning mobile application development increases the chances that you will land a decent job than many other professions.

4. You can learn without leaving your current job

The beauty of this technological world is you can a lot of things at the comfort of your desk. You can even stay at your current job while learning mobile development. You can study iOS or Android development at your own pace, fitting it into your current schedule. But also you can take a leave and spend 10 days of it and join our course, and learn something of value. As pointed out in the first point, you can earn money as mobile developer without ceasing to be a lawyer, a doctor or whatever else your professional happens to be.

5. You’ll be joining a community

There is an enormous number of mobile developers out there and many of them can be found online. If ever you’re struggling on a project, or you’d just like to exchange with like-minded people, a whole community is just a click away. You don’t have a lonely journey as mobile app developer.

6. You can work from anywhere

While some app development jobs require partial or full participation at an office, many more are remote. That means you could spend your working hours typing in your pajamas, or traveling anywhere while making a comfortable living. This geographic flexibility is what drives inquisitive minds to the app dev field every day. 

After all, when all you need to do your job is a laptop and a WiFi connection, you can make any city your office!

7. It can be a hobby-work

Earning good money while doing something exciting is reason enough to leap into a field. But what if we told you that your app development skills could help you in your daily life? Knowing how to create innovative digital solutions to unique problems is a brilliant skill that you can apply to any problems you see. You can make simple games to teach your kids a math concept or make something else fun. It becomes a work that is also a hobby.

The best part of it? You can make any of these fun gadgets available on app stores to generate some passive income when others use it and you have fun at making them. 


Perhaps one of the greatest draws to this career field is the flexibility it offers. Because it’s still a developing and competitive technology, there’s nothing monotonous about it, and you can expand your areas of expertise as far as you choose. The means of learning are getting easier with each passing day.

Therefore, now it is a good time to pursue a career in Mobile app development to and make sure that you aim at becoming an expert in coming few years. It is not only a skill that is relatively easy to learn, but also high in demand.

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