Advanced Android Development with Kotlin

CategoryAndroid Development
LevelAdvanced Level
PostedJan 30, 2019, 6:40:35 PM
UpdatedJan 30, 2019, 6:43:52 PM

Android is a famous Mobile OS with a market share approximated between 61% to 75%. Android is the most popular Mobile OS in Eastern Africa, South America and Asia. In the world where mobile are becoming dominant, learning how to develop application is imperative.This course will teach you:

  • Fetching Remote data with Retrofit
  • Fragments and Tabbed UI
  • Introduction to Async Programming with Coroutines
  • Dependency Injection with Dagger2
  • The JetPack Android Library
    • Live Data
    • Room SQLite storage library
    • Paging Library for Recyclerview data paging
    • Workmanager for Background tasks
    • Handling Notification with Notification
    • Sharing actions
    • Multidex libray
  • UI Testing