Foundations of Android Development with Kotlin

CategoryAndroid Development
LevelFoundation Course
PostedJan 29, 2019, 10:27:18 PM
UpdatedJan 30, 2019, 6:08:54 PM

Android is a famous Mobile OS with a market share approximated between 61% to 75%. Android is the most popular Mobile OS in Eastern Africa, South America and Asia. In the world where mobile are becoming dominant, learning how to develop application is imperative.This course will teach you:

  • Introduction to Android
  • The Android Studio
    • Installation, and SDK setup
    • Survey to essential Studio features
  • How to use Documentation and Searching for Solution
  • Coding your first application
    • Exploring a project structure
    • Understanding the Android manifest
    • Understanding the build process
    • Running the app on an emulator or a device
    • Using the Studio log and Debugger
    • Generating APK
  • Building your app UI
    • Views
    • Layout Editor (UI and Manual)
    • Resource files
    • Responding to Views events
    • Activities and Intents
    • Permissions
  • Buidling, Debugging and Testing app
  • The Support Library
  • Survey to Layouts (LinearLayout, FrameLayout and ConstraintLayout)
  • Menus and ActionBar
  • Recyclerview and Card
  • Themes and Material design
  • Preference and Settings
  • Introduction to MVVM with Livedata, Room and ViewModel