ICT Leadership and Policy Making

LevelIntermediate Level
PostedFeb 1, 2019, 4:40:48 PM
UpdatedFeb 1, 2019, 4:48:51 PM

With the dawn of Computers, Internet and essentially the whole Information and Communication Technology there have been a paradigm shift of how organizations and business conduct themselves. Information Technology is becoming or is rather an essential component to organization success. That being the case, it is essential that organizations facilitate the growth, creativity and innovation. That can't be achieved unless the Leaders and the Policies that govern the ICT department or team are created in such a way that they provide necessary conditions for the same.

This course is created for Leaders and Policy makers in ICT field, that is, Managers and Directors. Moreover it is important for other non-ICT leaders who happens to make policies that involve or impact ICT teams or community. This includes Human Resources Managers/Directors, Member of Parliaments, Ministry policy making staffs and other similar leaders.

When you take this course you will learn:

  • Effective ICT Leader
    • What Leadership is and is not.
    • Why ICT Leadership is unconventional
    • Create and/or communicating organization Vision
    • Building a motivated and effective Team
    • Talent recognition and management
    • Building team trust
    • Dealing with Team personalities and conflicts
    • Developing Leadership model that works
  • Effective ICT Policies
    • Understanding Importance of a good policies
    • Developing Inclusive policies
    • Developing Protective policies
    • Developing Responsible policies
    • Ethics, Integrity and Organization Policies
    • Fostering Innovation and Creativity through better policies
    • Dealing with existing bad policies
    • The Customer, Employee and Organization policies
  • Leading the changes and planning for impact