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2Advanced Web Development with YiiPHP DevelopmentAdvanced Level
3Secure REST APIs with Yii FrameworkPHP DevelopmentAdvanced Level
5Advanced Web Development with PHPPHP DevelopmentAdvanced Level
7Advanced Development with KotlinAndroid DevelopmentAdvanced Level
9Advanced Android Development with KotlinAndroid DevelopmentAdvanced Level
10Version Control and Team Collaboration with GitTeam CollaborationIntermediate Level
11ICT Leadership and Policy MakingLeadershipIntermediate Level
1Foundations of Web Development with YiiPHP DevelopmentFoundation Course
4Foundations of PHP LanguagePHP DevelopmentFoundation Course
6Foundations of Kotlin LanguageAndroid DevelopmentFoundation Course
8Foundations of Android Development with KotlinAndroid DevelopmentFoundation Course
12Foundations of Python LanguagePython LanguageFoundation Course